Fotograf Robert Becksteiner M.A. becksteiner fotodesign.atIt all begins with the passion of capturing moments, preserve feelings and unforgettable impressions for eternity. The love of photography lies in the family and was passed on from grandfather to father and elder brothers to Robert Becksteiner.

The first photos still analogous with 100 & 200 ISO films and small camera were recorded targeted scenes. With the first Panasonic digital camera, the film was no longer a problem and the first spontaneous recordings took shape. The first reflex camera was a Konica Minolta DYNAX 5D with the first semiprofessional sports photos in basketball. In the sports hall, as well as traveling, the Canon 60D is no longer missing, especially to create his beloved panorama photos. Robert Becksteiner's current studies focus on black-and-white photography.

Through his many years of experience in the field of photography and photographic processing, three main areas have been crystallized in the fields of marketing (web & product photography), sports photography and animal photography.

A large area, which must not be forgotten after taking the right photo, lies in the processing of photographs, especially with respect to the coporate identity (CI) of the respective company or the purpose of use. His experience lies in the preparation for marketing materials such as product catalogs, flyers, posters, various company gifts. He prepares the photodesigns especially to the extent that they are directly adapted to the respective color profile of the printing presses in order to achieve an optimal result. Here, the preliminary discussion and the coordination with the customer plays an important role. He is also happy to advice in the selection of products, as well as the search for the right partner.

For six years, Robert Becksteiner has been studying landscape and panoramic photography to present special views and projections. Panoramic photography is ideal for the rounding off of the living room, the entrance area with long corridor or architectures. He likes to help with the realization of ideas up to the finished production on various materials, like photo canvas, wood print, glass printing etc.

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